Chester (FKA - Charlie)

NJ -

Male -

1 1/2 Years

Dog is Pending Adoption

Personal Information

Weight:65 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Charlie needs to be in a fenced in yard with a 4' fence or higher. Due to his young age he would do well with other dogs or kids to play with

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Fourth of July marks two years of continuous love and happiness with our baby boy.  He enjoys the never ending play and companionship with his sister Shea.  In addition, he looks forward to our long daily walks, trips to the park and once a week puppy camp.  His agility and physical strength allows him to jump in and out of the above ground pool which is his all time favorite!  We feel so fortunate to have Chester in our home.  He was the addition to our family that makes it feel complete.


I am writing with an update about our baby boy Chester.  The 4th of July marks the one year anniversary of Chester being in his forever home!  Right from the start he fit in.  He and his sister Shea share the same energy level and are great together.  He loves to cuddle with us every chance he gets.  

His favorite things to do are go on long walks, wrestle and play with his sister and swim in a small pool we have in the back yard.  The 3x12 pool is above ground which he can jump in and out of to swim and cool off with grace and style.

We are forever grateful to have Chester in our lives.  He gives us never ending love and happiness.  Adding Chester to our family has made it complete.  


Chester (Charlie) is such a great addition to our family. We really love him and my wife and I often say that he completes our family (we also have Shea who is a boxer from a different rescue). Shea and Chester love each other and are great together. 

Chester has made our life complete. We enjoy watching he and his sister Shea play, cuddle and act silly. We love him so much!!


Charlie is a handsome boy! What a joy to be around. I've only had Charlie a week but what I can tell you is that he likes to play with his other boxer house mates. We went to the vet and both times he saw the cats and couldn't care less. I had him around my neighbors young kids and he did well. Because of Charlie's young age he would do best in a home with other dogs to play with or kids. Charlie is such a lovely boy that you can't go wrong with him. Charlie is looking for his forever family to share all his love with. If you can provide Charlie with a loving home and has his individual needs, then please submit your application because this beautiful boy won't be around long.

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